Community Feedback on
Kitsap Children's Museum Survey

We surveyed over 100 community members of Kitsap County asking for their thoughts on and interest in a Children's Museum for our community.
Here are their responses.

Do you live in Kitsap County?

  • Yes

  • No

Do you have children in childcare, either part-time or full-time?

  • Yes

  • No

Do you believe you would visit a children's museum in Bremerton?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Maybe

If you do believe you would visit, how often would you attend?

  • Once a Week

  • Twice a Month

  • One a Month

  • 4 times a year

  • Once a year

  • 2x per year

  • As often as possible

  • Once every couple of months

Would you be interested in purchasing a membership to the museum for your family?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Maybe

Would you attend more often if there was a discount for
low-income or foster families?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Maybe

What neighborhood would you like to see a children's museum?

Check all that interest you. Our goal is to make it as accessible as possible.

Why would you visit?

Responses -

We visit all the others in a 2 hours radius - we would DEF love a local option.

I’m from Bremerton and visit often and would love to have a safe place to bring my kid. Also this would benefit the community greatly!

Because it’s fun.

My child would like it.

Something to do. I can’t say I’d go all the time, but maybe a couple times per year.

To take my niece or friend's kids.

These are a wonderful place to go to share memories in addition to a great learning environment!

I would probably go at least once a week. We live in a small apartment and a children’s museum provides indoor space for activities, new experiences and opportunities to interact with new children. We vacation regularly and I find the local children’s museum for a kid activity- so far Sonoma Children’s museum has been my favorite.

It’s important for our kids in our community to be social with one another while learning in a safe space! Being present and active in an activity is more crucial these days, especially with all the technology distractions kids have. It’s definitely a must.

We have to travel to Bainbridge Island, Tacoma, and even Olympia to get to one, so it would be awesome to have one here locally!

Indoor child activity, learning, fun.

We love the Bainbridge one, but the drive stinks.

Something fun for the kids to do indoors.

I would definitely take my nieces there.

Something to do with my kids.

My kids are at the age where museums are fascinating and they love to get out and play. When its raining its nice to have an indoor place for kids that won't be overrun by the big kids.

Another option for learning and indoor activities when the weather is bad.

I don't have kids - but I'm interested because I'm involved in the Bremerton museum community.

I visit the Tacoma children’s museum and it is unbelievably fantastic for kids. My kid and all the kids I’ve cared for love it. We would definitely appreciate one closer to home.

Children’s Museums are so important for child development! I live in Bremerton and have 3 kids- 5 year old twins and an almost-2-year old. It’s a pain driving to Bainbridge or Olympia!

A rainy day activity, a chance for a play date, an outing, activities to keep busy, chance for learning.

I am an elementary special education teacher----would be so great for kids!

Creative play and learning for kids in an indoor setting, perfect for rainy weather.

Not many Indoor activities for kids.

I used to love going as a child and would love to be able to take my son to one within a closer distance.

I have 2 very hyper toddlers and I love the one out in Tacoma.

My kids would really enjoy it and it would be more convenient of a drive.

I love having another option to take my little one during the day and some place that I can also enjoy on the weekends with the whole family.

Somewhere to take visiting relatives.

I believe in the power of play and learning! I have worked in a children’s museum and continue to work with children in informal education - now through the library. It is important for parents to recognize the importance of play and have access to the tools to provide healthy safe learning and play spaces.

I am a Aunt of a bunch of fun kids.

They are so helpful in aiding child development.

This would be AMAZING to bring our 4yr old autistic daughter to she has such a wonder of all things and a museum like this would be just mind blowing for her!!! I'm sure so many other families feel this way as well! It would be a great place for kids and all family members to have fun and learn at the same time!

It would be nice to have a new option for activities.

Something to do.

We’re from there and visit with our grand kids.

I’d take my grandchildren.

Because I’m a stay at home mom who is always looking to take her toddler out and about.

My niece lives in Kitsap.

We travel to Seattle for museums and it would be great to have one local.

Place to take nanny charges.

Kids would love it!

When I lived in Olympia my kids both enjoyed the children's museum there and i believe having one in Kitsap would be very beneficial seeing as there is only one indoor play area currently.

Kids need museums and less media.

My daughter loves them and they are all so far away. And a great way to get out of the house on rainy days.

Educational trip out of the house.

My Children love the other Museum's is other city. I think they are amazing!

Indoor activities.

Kitsap county needs more places for kids to explore, than just the bug museum and Ahoy Kitsap.

Because it's closer that the one in Seattle. My 4 boys love the Seattle one, not Bainbridge Island one so much.

No kids in our family but we have kids in our lives. I would buy memberships to a local Children's Museum to promote learning and support local business.

Because they are great!

I will be a grandmother and will want to take my grandchildren there.

We love children's museums! We had one where we lived when my oldest was a toddler. Now our youngest is a toddler and we dont have one very close.

It depends how good it was to be honest. We usually drive down to Olympia because the hands on children's museum blows the Tacoma one and the Bainbridge one waaay out of the park. If it's a really good one we definitely would go especially if they have low income fees available but otherwise we would drive to Olympia to visit that one since it's just so amazing there.

It would be nice to have a more educational place for children outside of the Bug Museum.

We need more stuff for kids to do in Bremerton!

The closest one is over 45 min from us, that is too far

Great activity for my homeschooled small kids

It would be a wonderful educational outing! Also a great option for a rainy day!

My kids love children's museums, and it's local.

We need more indoor activities for young children.

We love the children’s museums in PNW and would love a local one.

We go to the Tacoma one about once per year and the Bainbridge once or twice a year but since moving to Seabeck those visits are getting less frequent.

We love kids museums, but don’t go often because of the travel involved. It’d be great to have one locally!


Rainy day option.

I have 2 little children who would benefit greatly from having something closer to us.

We NEED something for littles to do inside and outside.

My kids are always exploring new things.

We visit the Tacoma and Bainbridge ones often.

Having a museum for children would help them be more curious and inspired to do things in the world around them.

We have four kids who would love to have a new place to explore!

My kids are 10, 12 and 14 and probably too old.

It’s close and so nice to have something where we don’t have to drive over bridge and pay toll or ride ferry.

We love the Olympia children’s museum. Great for extended ages. Great for homeschoolers. Teaching space for workshops and rad quality grilled cheese bar!

Young family members do visit me here and I would definitely include a visit to a children's museum if one were available here.

Because they are amazing resources for fun learning, and we need somewhere to go when it's raining besides McDonald's.

A fun activity to do that’s indoors!

Educational fun, entertainment, change of scenery.

Always looking for fun outings to do with my preschoolers that don’t involve screens, especially during the winter months when going outside is t always an option.

We would use it a lot.

We love to explore new places.

My kids are always interested in seeing new things.

We love the Tacoma children’s museum! We’d love it to be closer!

There aren't enough things for children to do in the city.

Depends on how many kids visit, or who I could take.

We have two kids and love to go to local attractions.

We spend most of our time frequenting similar places with much longer drives to and fro!

Something fun on a rainy day.

My kids are a little old (10 and 12), but I definitely would have when they were younger."

I think it would be interesting to see what is created for our youths.

Opportunities to play with other children in a hands on atmosphere is important to a child’s development.

We love the one in Tacoma, but it’s hard to get down there often.

Learning opportunities for kids, entertainment for rainy days.

Children's museums are great!

Love educational outings.

Something fun to do to get kids off electronics and use their imagination.

As a teacher, it would be a great field trip option.

We need more things to go and do with children in Kitsap.

Please share your Final Thoughts!


Sounds like a great idea :) if I lived in Kitsap I'd go more frequently but I'd encourage my friends and family who live there to go!

Great to hear this is being looked into!

Do it!

I'm curious about the age range, hopefully babies to about 12. I have 3 nieces ranging 2-10.

Having a center for younger kids would be great. We dont have alot of indoor things for kids in this area. Travelling to gig harbor or bainbridge or seattle can get costly

In your explanation, knowing the age ranges would help. We would go more often if it was for older kids, too. The one on Bainbridge is great for my youngest but my 8yr old is bored there.

Tacoma has a children’s museum that is based on donations allowing all families from every walk of life to be able to enjoy it and I think that Bremerton area could definitely benefit from it as rent and the cost of living is skyrocketing it’ll give a chance for families to have a safe place to go to with their children and have fun

I think it’s wonderful that someone is interested in doing this.

This is a great idea!!!

I would love to see toddler friendly areas or options. Not too interested in iPads or crazy technical displays. I would love to see a Maker space too. Naval Avenue has a great example of a Maker Space. Katie Exum(Title teacher) would be happy to give a tour or explain more about the program.

Don't make admission too expensive!

Excellent idea! Thank you for starting this!

Good luck 🍀

Just that this is such a great idea for all of us in Bremerton

I will be keeping a lookout, if you all put out anything for people to donate money for this.

Thank you!!

Make plenty of maritime related interactive areas. Children’s Museum of Louisiana in New Orleans has cargo ship and tug boat sections.

Great idea! Would love to have more things to do with my niece when visiting her

Kitsap is a great place to live and adding a children's museum would make it better.


Would love to see this come to fruition!

This is amazing, would love to help. Lets make this happen.

Please make it more interactive and educational than the Bainbridge KidiMu!

You’re amazing for trying to get this started. Thumbs up 😊.

I love this idea

1. Military Discount. 2. It would be awesome if location had space to host birthday parties etc. 3. Help promote local organizations that help kids in area such as Bremerton Backpack Brigade - bring a can of food to donate receive discount on admission.

The Bainbridge island one and the Tacoma one are too small and not enough for an all day excursion. The Olympia hands on children's museum has so much stuff you can stay busy all day. It also features a really really good cafeteria with hot food, cold food, for both parents and kids so you can even eat lunch and truly stay all day. I'd go there and use it as an example because the other children's museums don't even begin to compare at all. Every single detail is so we'll thought out at that place.

Hello! I’ve lived here my entire life and I’m a mom of two kiddos, soon to be three. We would LOVE an option like this in Kitsap! Some thoughts I have... I think the building it’s self needs to be welcoming and full of natural light for our darker climate. Ample parking, A good age range to fit large families and easy sight lines for parents. Rotating experiences/activities would make me more likely to purchase a membership. We value hands on art in our family and would enjoy experiencing that in new ways. I look forward to hearing more of this Museum

My children are getting older, we would definitely visit more often if there was activities for middle schoolers and high schoolers

Fingers crossed this happens in our area soon!!

This will be so good

I really hope this plan happens , id love to see something nee for kids in bremerton..

Consider having a homeschool day. There are a lot of homeschoolers in Bremerton looking for enrichment. Also there is a big demand for natural elements and outdoor free play.

This is a great idea! I am excited to hear more!

I think this is a great idea. Our family would definitely go!

I'd love to see the museum be attractive for kids ages 0-11.

Great idea for the community!

Great idea!

Thank you!

Great idea! Good luck. Happy to support if I can.

Please make it happen."

"I think it would be great to have another option for kids to go. We already lost our skating rink. Something closer would benefit everyone instead of having to drive to other cities."